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  1. After re-installing my iPad, I can’t reload the Business Model Toolbox App. Why?

  2. Are there any discounts available for the Strategyzer App or Online Course?

  3. Are there any other payment options besides credit card available?

  4. Are you developing the Business Model Toolbox iPad App any further?

  5. Can I suggest a feature to add to the App?

  6. Can I synchronize the Canvases created on the Business Model Toolbox App for the iPad with Strategyzer?

  7. Can I transfer a canvas to a different project?

  8. Can I use the Business Model Canvas or Value Proposition Canvas in my own teachings or public projects?

  9. Do you sell materials used during the Masterclass?

  10. Does Strategyzer have an application designed for large enterprise teams?

  11. Does Strategyzer offer learning courses for enterprise teams?

  12. How can I access the workshop materials from my Public Masterclass?

  13. How can I apply to be a Strategyzer Certified Trainer?

  14. How can I change my username, billing info, password or email address?

  15. How can I collaborate with others on the iPad?

  16. How can I contact you if I have questions related to events?

  17. How can I export or print a Canvas or its data?

  18. How can I solve problems related to my iPad/iTunes account?

  19. How do I access the Value Proposition Canvas inside the App?

  20. How do I activate my Strategyzer license?

  21. How do I add a VAT number to my account's billing info?

  22. How do I add more people as collaborators to my project?

  23. How do I cancel a Project subscription, get a refund or close my account?

  24. How do I change the currency in my canvas?

  25. How do I create cost estimates?

  26. How do I create market size estimates?

  27. How do I create revenue estimates?

  28. How do I export or backup my canvases or transfer them to a different iPad?

  29. How do I get access to the offer mentioned in the webinar?

  30. How do I get started with the Strategyzer Web App?

  31. How do I iterate, version or pivot my canvas?

  32. How do I navigate and complete the scheduled online course?

  33. How do I transfer my Strategyzer Project to a different user's account?

  34. How do I work on my canvas with my team?

  35. How does billing for the Strategyzer App work?

  36. I can’t log in or sign in. How do I reset my password?

  37. I deleted a Canvas or Sticky Note by accident. Can you restore it?

  38. I got a coupon code, how does it work?

  39. I got an unexpected credit card charge. Why?

  40. I'm having technical problems/browser issues. What do I do?

  41. Is my work confidentially stored?

  42. Is there a free trial of the Strategyzer App available?

  43. Is there a Mac, PC or Android version of the Business Model Toolbox iPad App?

  44. Is there any discount or free trial for the Business Model Toolbox iPad App?

  45. My credit card was declined during a purchase. What should I do?

  46. Testing 101: Testing Your Business Model Using Strategyzer

  47. What is the difference between Projects and Canvases?

  48. What types of in-house training does Strategyzer provide?

  49. When is the next Public Workshop or event?

  50. Where can I find my invoices/receipts?

  51. Why am I getting connection errors while working in Strategyzer?

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